I’m a friend of the family. On Wednesday evening, Joe contacted me in tears because he was about to lose ALL of his family. His wife and two oldest boys had been taken and he was threatened with custody as well if he didn’t give up the rest of his children the next morning.

I hastily set up a GoFundMe page in Joe’s name and linked it to his bank account, thinking that would be the best way, but I wrote the GoFundMe post in third-person. When this started gaining national attention and way more funds than we expected people to give, I changed the name on the page for Project Creator to myself, Pace Ellsworth, to be more clear about that, and added more details about where the funds would go. Some have scrutinized that list. We brainstormed with the Nauglers what they would use the funds for and it was clear that they wanted to do anything necessary to get their children back and continue their plans to live a homestead life, and wanted to make sure that they were giving their children what they needed to thrive; better shelter, better utilities, better access to the world. Any additional funds beyond those basic needs would go to help other families that undeservedly face being torn apart by state programs.

I am confident that the funds will be used appropriately so that the children are getting the life that everyone wishes them to have TOGETHER with their parents.