1. When will you be getting your children back? Do you know where they are? Any idea how soon you’ll be able to go to court? Is it open for you to bring others?

“Monday (5/11/15). We just know 4 homes in 4 different counties. Private hearing, but if anyone wants to peacefully assemble to show support we would be appreciative. 9 am. Closed hearing, in Breckinridge County court.”


  1. Do you attend a church or homeschool support group? Are the older children able to socialize?

“We have friends of various backgrounds. My children socialize with everyone who crosses their paths. Anyone who has met them personally can attest to that.”


  1. Have your children ever been enrolled in the public school system? Did you attend public school? Or your husband? Did you graduate high school? Go to college?

“No. We both have high school diplomas. Joe has an Associate’s degree.”


  1. Are you getting any support from the homeschooling community?

“Yes. Local homeschoolers and the HSLDA.”


  1. Do you get and allow your children proper medical care?

“We are naturopaths but we would seek professional medical care if it was needed.”


  1. Do you live in a tent?

“We live in a cabin. It has walls, floor, a metal roof even. The tarps are to cover the walls that do not have siding. There is also a tarp that covers the outdoor area so we can have shade. The cabin is open. It can be closed in bad weather. We have a great balance of seasons. It doesn’t stay cold for long. We have a wood stove. We don’t use it in the spring/summer, but you can see the chimney for it in the photos. They told me it was acceptable. We may choose to add a fence for the trash and recycle bins.

We are intentional in what we do. We built this cabin to get us through next fall as we planned to build a larger cabin on the property. We have already planned a larger cabin to build this summer.“


  1. Is there water on your property? Do you plan on adding a well?

“We have a pond and we haul in potable water. It’s actually common here as a lot of wells have high sulphur content. We are building a water collection system. We have a composting toilet.”


  1. How do you acquire or pay for food, water, medical care, etc?  And where do you all sleep? Do you go out into the community with the kids?

“I am a professional pet groomer. I work full time. We have a loft bed. We do go out into the community.”


  1. What was the reason they stated for this action? All I have heard is because you were homeschooling.

“I posted the accusations yesterday. It’s a photo post.”

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  1. Are you and your family dependent on any government assistance?



  1. What happened with Joe, the water, the neighbor, and the gun? Did your husband really threaten to shoot your neighbor? Was there a confrontation over water?

“In short, he stopped to get water (we use several sources to get water) and lady 1 said she had to go to work. Then asked why Joe deleted her as a facebook friend. She got upset as to why and then lady 2 came running out and Joe went to leave. They had words. He never said he was going to shoot anyone. Lady 2 made both calls. Nothing was stolen. We barter/pay for things.”


  1. Has your husband been arrested in the past?

“His arrest record is public. It was all non violent crimes such as no registration. We have been honest.”


  1. Did the police give you warnings they were going to take your children?

“Just the ones on the recording.”


  1. In the audio of your husband talking with the sheriff, the sheriff states that you had been asked to meet and talk with people before the arrest and did not comply. Is that correct? Who was this you were to contact/talk with? Do you think this all could have been avoided if you had spoken with them first?

“We just asked they wait for us to have a lawyer present.”


  1. How do you plan on spending the go fund me money?

“All I have considered so far is the costs associated with getting my children back. The attorney funds were provided by someone else. We have other costs to take care of.”


  1. Do you live your lifestyle because you believe it is right or because you were unable to support your family fully?

“This is a choice. Intentional. And the children have been involved in these decisions. In short. We just wanted a simpler life. It’s not for everyone but we love it.”


  1. How are you “off the grid” yet you have electricity and a facebook account?

“Off grid means being self-sufficient without reliance on public utilities. It does not mean living without electricity. We have a generator and we are building a solar bank as well.”


  1. Is it true that you do not have birth certificates or social security cards for the kids? If so, did this play any part in them being taken? Is CPS giving you any trouble about not having them?

“Yes. Some children do, some do not. It’s not legally required and has not been an issue other than a request by CPS, not a demand.”


  1. Does your husband work, or just keep up the homestead?

“Keeping up with 10 kids and a homestead is work.  He also does side jobs with the boys for the homestead and teaches the children. They do things like martial arts (krav Magaw/sambo). They built the cabin. He even changes diapers.”


  1. Why choose to not build a better cabin for your family when you are choosing to build out a pet salon from scratch with lights, water, nice tubs with air and heat as well?

“We live a simpler life than my clients do. The salon is for them. We already had plans for a bigger cabin, but still a simple style. But the salon is what will pay for the cabin. So first things first.”


  1. People like the Nauglers want other’s attention…why else the blogs and Facebook pages?

“We actually blog to teach. That’s the goal of the homestead. To learn and teach others how to be self sustaining.  I have blogged for years. Mainly because it was easier to share info with family and friends who live all over the place.“