Shortly after Nicole’s encounter and arrest, Joe Naugler attempted to retrieve his wife’s vehicle, accompanied by a family friend. The audio of that incident is below. It was edited and digitally enhanced.  The static on the original recording is overpowering.  Editing also included removal of extended periods of silence.  The audio that was originally between 6:43 and 6:44 included the elapsed time that included Joe returning to his 8 other children. It was removed for listener’s sake.



Time Stamp & Description

  • 0:00 Joe and family friend en route to scene of Nicole’s arrest to retrieve Nicole’s car and personal items, as requested by the Sheriff. Family friend talking on her phone in background.
  • 0:18 Upon arrival, Joe steps out of his car, the Sheriff intimidates Joe by placing his hand on his gun, ready to draw.
  • 0:26 Joe tells Sheriff that he is recording the encounter.
  • 1:12 Sheriff tells Joe to get in his car. Joe complies, saying “Yes, sir” repeatedly, obviously startled.
  • 1:40 Joe enters his own car. Family friend offers to intermediate.
  • 2:08 Joe once again exits the car, as requested by the Sheriff.
  • 2:20 Sheriff once again consents to recording.
  • 3:19 Sheriff tells Joe to turn over all 8 remaining children to state custody at 10:00 am the following morning, or face felony charges.
  • 3:40 Joe states that he is being required to turn the children over because he showed up at that location as request by the Sheriff.
  • 4:00 Joe realizes his wife’s phone is lost.
  • 4:15 Joe calls his wife’s phone, and recovers it.
  • 4:30 Joe requests to call his wife at the county jail, is denied, and is given information regarding where to place the children in state custody
  • 4:50 Sheriff tell Joe his children are being mistreated because he and his wife won’t comply with requests.
  • 5:15 Joe asks for the details of the complaint, again. Sheriff does not answer.
  • 6:44 Joe does not stop recording. When he arrives to where his children were, he informed them of everything that had happened, and instructed them regarding their right to remain silent.