We are so grateful that our children were reunited for the entire weekend. On Monday, our visit ended and we were left without them again. The pain in our hearts is deep, but their smiles stay with us and they drive us to renew our commitment to see our children’s wishes fulfilled.

We are moved by all the donations and loving words from our friends and supporters across the country and around the world. In that spirit, we are designating this Thursday to use some of those funds to make necessary improvements on the homestead to make it that much safer for our children.

Homestead Work Day — Thursday 5/21, 8:00am Central. We will:
- Clean debris from the ground around the homestead structures.
- Build fences around the designated trash burn area and the pond.

Bring tools and please join us so we can thank you in person; many hands make light work. RSVP by private message to Blessed Little Homestead on Facebook, or by email to [email protected], subject: “RSVP”.